• About Us

    UNISCRAP PBC. is an international innovative corporation providing turnkey solutions in all the spectrum of the recycling industry (from cheap fertilizer and reducing energy costs to waste collection and sourcing of recycling materials).

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  • Services

    Resource management, renewable energy, and waste to fertilizer are the key activities UNISCRAP PBC. focuses on. We also undertaking international development projects leveraging our global network of partners.

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  • Public Benefit

    UNISCRAP PBC’s goal is to return significant part of its profits to society by investing in projects and activities that focus on support of vulnerable groups and the protection of the environment.

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Have you ever thought that 'sourcing' and 'ethical' can be used in one sentence?

We offer turnkey sourcing solutions for minimizing counterparty risk. UNISCRAP PBC. is 'ethical' as it:

  • Treats its employees and customers fairly and expects the same from all of its partners
  • Is transparent in every stage of the process displaying all available information during the execution of the trade
  • Is a Public Benefit Company: 
    We have committed ourselves to invest part of our profits to society investing in projects and activities that focus on support of vulnerable groups and the protection of the environment

UNISCRAP PBC. is not a company designed to stagnate. Innovation is part of our core operating model and we cooperate with all our partners to develop every day.



Green Industry Platform UNISCRAP is a support signatory of the Green Industry Platform sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). This formalises our commitment to always implement environmentally sustainable industrial processes.
IRIS Registered User UNISCRAP PBC. is registered to IRIS, a recognised catalogue of performance metrics that investors use to measure social, environmental, and financial success, evaluate deals, and grow the credibility of the impact investing industry. It is our objective to make a social and environmental impact and this is one of the ways to make sure we are on the right track. Our profile publishes all the relevant information in a transparent way.