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    We provide innovative solutions to face environmental challenges for businesses and communities.

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    We offer Resource Management, inexpensive renewable energy, and waste to fertilizer. Contact us!

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    Our goals include increasing awareness, investing in communities and contributing to regional societies.



At Uniscrap PBC, we pride ourselves in connecting the right people to the right technology at the right time.

We provide several turnkey solutions packaged in the following business modules. Please contact us for more details. 

Resource Management


Renewable Energy


Waste Management


International Development

Recycling: We develop custom-made recycling projects for businesses or communities, with co-operation from local government bodies and our sustainable partners such as recycling plants and recovery centers.

 Alternative Fuels: We specialize in the production of Solid Recovery Fuels and establish a supply chain to industries such as the cement industry.


Biomass Waste: We design and develop technologies that help produce heat and power from thermal processing of biomass waste.

We envision cost savings on electricity bills and waste disposals.


Bi-products: We work with our partners in using anaerobic digestion technologies for the treatment of organic waste and food waste and convert it to make useful bi-products such as power, bio-gas and organic fertilizer.

We help clients substitute chemical fertilizers with our organic ones have a progressive impact on the environment.

  Recycling Projects: We develop recycling and resource management projects with international standards and connect sustainable energy partners from different countries together as well as developing international government relations.






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